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The foundations of Beauvoir date from the XII Century. Originaly it was a fortified military post. During their occupation in the Hundred Years War, the English made it their pivotal fortress between Moulins and La Loire. In 1369 the Duke Louis II of Bourbon, returning from captivity in London, retook Beauvoir from the English, after an eleven-day siege - and " shot all his uninvited guests " .

In 1443 it was substantialy inlarged to become the residence for 200 years of local noble family who played an important part in the political life of the Valois Dynasty.

After that period it changed hands a few times but escaped destruction during the civil wars and Revolution. It also escaped any architectural changes including those frequently seen elsewhere, made in the 19th.

During the 19th Century it was acquired by the family of the current proprietors, who through five generations have ensured its confort and refinement as a family residence